Design services for: Builders, Developers and Home build Companies:

Taylor Design - Landscape Architecture Selwyn Region including the Selwyn District including Rolleston, Halswell, Prebbleton, Tai Tapu and West Melton

The design services we offer to Builders, Developers and Home build companies... are similar to those we offer to our regular clientele.  However Builders and Developers often have a unique criterion given that many of the works in commercial environs are a site specific, being a mix of larger and smaller projects with such diversity, this requires the skills of a professional to ensure the specific brief of a project is achieved. Our clients benefit from our many years of practical experience in New Zealand, Europe and the United Kingdom.

At David Taylor Landscape Architecture we have a wealth of over 35 years’ experience to draw on to ensure a project meets all the objectives. These packages have evolved and are continually being modified to meet this specific market.

Often the work we are involved in is of necessity.  Defined as one of many bylaws, a landscape plan will often be part of the consent process; however to the credit of many of our astute clients they have been quick see all the aesthetic and financial benefits from engaging a design professional. Which ensure they have a marketing edge and to set their product apart from their competitors.

The fees charged or quoted will be money well invested, often saving you many thousands of dollars over and above the fees charged.
We have saved clients thousands of dollars on their landscaping by providing alternative ideas which costs much less than the idea a client has been focused on. The fees charged have been well and truly paid for plus some... Let alone how we can make improvement and add tremendous value to property. Don’t leave things to chance!

The final objective once the landscaping has been finished… is to derive all the financial and aesthetic benefits that result from using a landscape professional.

At Taylor Design - Landscape Architecture we plan and design outdoor environments and gardens for Commercial developments:

  • Private homes
  • Schools / Preschools
  • Early Child care centres etc
  • Subdivisions
  • Office and warehouse developments
  • Retirement complexes
  • Motels and Apartments etc.

At Taylor Design - Landscape Architecture never before has there been such awareness, emphasis and importance on achieving a successful integration between the interior and exterior architectural components of any development. Landscaping is the thing that fuses and melds and anchors the built structure be it a house/home or commercial build with that of the land.

David Taylor Landscape Architecture will provide stunning, creative, yet economical options for any landscaping project. We will make improvement and add value to your investment.

Specialist areas of help?

Resource and planning applications

A Landscape plan is often part of a requirement that forms an integral part of the resource consent process. It is important to take the landscape design through all the stages e.g. initial process of the Concept Plan/preliminary process through to a final landscape plan. If you are required to submit a plan for resource consent then you are required also to implement the garden in accordance with the plan. You will more than likely be monitored to ensure you have complied with the plan so it is very important that you get this right!

Landscaping is a creative investment tool and can often be a tax deductible cost.
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