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Taylor Design - Landscape Architecture (Est.1978) are extremely passionate when involved in the planning process of any project... there are always many new, stimulating and refreshing things emerging in our industry, both home grown and globally. Trends and design ideas are ever changing and evolving, its' exciting and continually provides a platform for interesting design.  

We operate in most sectors of the market:

Urban/residential... city and suburbs

Rural/country... gardens, farms and lifestyle blocks

Commercial... We can help with any commercial project: Schools, Preschools and Childcare facilities, Subdivisions, Office and warehouse developments, Retirement complexes Motels, Apartments and Multi-unit developments.

We design both new gardens and revamp and add impact to existing ones.

At Taylor Design - Landscape Architecture we plan and design outdoor environments and gardens in the city and surrounding suburbs. Never before has there been such awareness, emphasis and importance placed on achieving a successful integration between the interior and exterior architectural components of the home. Landscaping is the thing that fuses, melds and anchors the built structure of your house/home with that of the land it sits on.

Residential design is an interesting area to work in; it has an intricate criterion given that many of the works in urban environs are smaller in size and scale from that of their rural counterparts.

We believe design is more about illusion than just design itself.

When working and creating within smaller spaces in the city or suburban environs the usual objective is to make a space appear larger. The key to see these spaces as being intimate, not small. These spaces if worked well provide a great opportunity for the inhabitants to feel cosy and comfortable, not cramped, squashed or feeling uncomfortable.

For example you're looking out from your house down the garden, it's a long narrow site, you know in reality it's an awkward narrow space Taylor Design - Landscape Architecture see this as a space with amazing potential.

By semi dividing the space into 2 separate areas, each area now become shorter and wider, taking away from the long narrow appearance. Overall  creating the illusion of greater space.  Things closer  appear larger in scale, things further away appear smaller in scale.

The created space beyond appears distant, playing and fooling the senses, making us believe the total combined area must be big to afford more than one area. The trick is to change the proportions and rescale the space.

Incorporating a vista beyond will create length to an area. All these things are part of the intrigue and complexity of good design.

We can further reinforce this by the carefully selecting the materials used. Lighter colours and larger paving create the feeling of spaciousness. Combining and contrasting rough and smooth textures of the materials used will also change or influence how particular areas may look and feel.

Choosing tall thin plants with blending or muted colours create the illusion of distance, ones with brighter colour and bolder leaves have us believing they are closer to us. By skilfully combining and contrasting these elements we distort and confuse our sense of reality, tricking them into believing something exists when in reality it doesn't.

At Taylor Design - Landscape Architecture we understand the essential key design components:

  • Spatial awareness
  • Proportion
  • Scale
  • Shape
  • Balance

To successfully design in any discipline it is important to understand these components to make any design work, and work well. It's primarily about successfully aligning and balancing all these components.

Remember back to a time when you felt something just didn't look or feel right. You may not have grasped what was actually wrong but you sensed it wasn't right! That was probably because the components weren't aligned or balanced correctly. Often this is where there's significant disparity... between an unskilled person and a professional. Remember the old adage… “You pay for what you get”… Choose wisely!

Design plans are a fantastic way to incorporate all the things you want. Taylor Design - Landscape Architecture will plan your desired garden with the future in mind. Your plan can be implemented as your time and funds permit.

If you have the resources you can complete the entire garden, however if you want to work within a series of budgets that fantastic, you can simply work on one area at a time as time and funds are available.
The main thing is when your landscaping has been completed, it comes together as a whole, and you will then derive all the financial and personal benefits from a having a professionally designed garden.

Food for thought!…
I'm sure sometime in the past you can recall thinking I don't want to spend the money to employ a professional, only to find out that you should have.  “Hind sight is a wonderful thing” as the saying goes.

Often the price of something will influence or dictate our decisions on whether or not to engage a professional.  I can't stress strongly enough! If funds are limited… whatever you do don't penny pinch on Investing in professional design, you don’t want to get it wrong or sell yourself short! Especially when it's your house, or some other real-estate on the line.

Presentation is paramount when investing in or on selling a property.

If a design professional is working with you in a genuine professional capacity, the fees charged or quoted will be money well invested, often saving you many thousands of dollars over and above the fees charged.

The problem for most of us we only focus on the initial price tag or outlay. The price of something is one thing, but the true cost especially if you get it wrong is quite another!

More times than I care to remember, we have saved clients thousands of dollars on their landscaping by offering alternative ideas, which will often cost much less than the idea a client has been focused on. The fees charged have been well and truly paid for, plus some... Let alone how we can add tremendous value to your property.

Maybe you want to put your property on the market and need that X Factor to help make it stand out. Maybe you’re having trouble selling a property and require help; we can provide you the ideas to improve the presentation and marketability of your property. We have solid expertise in this area.

Taylor Design - Landscape Architecture can make improvement and add tremendous value to your real-estate.
Landscaping is a creative investment tool and often is tax deductible.

Simply fill out our online enquiry form or call us on Ph: 03 356 2828 to have a chat or make an appointment for us to come out and see you on site.

We can help:

With proportioning the correct amount of space for the patio/courtyard and garden area, determine the position and shape of the driveway and parking areas. Advise on fencing/walls etc. for shelter, division, containment and privacy.

Swimming pool, spa, tennis court placement, patios and courtyards etc.

Special features e.g. water features ponds, shade and overhead structures, raised and walled gardens and ornamentation e.g. pots sculptures garden seats and benches. Outdoor fires, barbeques etc.

Plants selection:

Plants are arranged for shelter and too for their ornamental attributes, height, colour, texture and suitability to your specific geographic location and site.

Landscape Design Packages

Our landscape design plans and packages are sequenced and include the following:

  • Travel to and from site.
  • Site consultation - meet and discuss with client their requirements.
  • Measure site if required.

Stage 1

  • Preparation of scaled preliminary landscape plan. This can include driveways, patios, courtyards, walls, fencing, special features e.g. water feature, raised garden beds.
  • Designation of all garden areas and shaping, lawn areas and can include special features e.g. shade structures, spa pool, ponds, swimming pools, outdoor fires and BBQ's etc.
  • Provide 2 copies of plans, 1 coloured, and 1 black and white. Meet with client to explain plan. Changes that may be required are included.

Stage 2

  • Completion of landscaping plan - this includes detailed planting and plant schedule; if any construction specifications relevant to plan are required these will often be included.
  • Provide 2 copies of final plan, 1 coloured, and 1 black and white. Meet with client to explain plan

Other packages available

We also provide packages for Developers, Home Build Companies and Builders.

All enquiries welcome.

Resource and planning applications:

A Landscape plan is often an integral part of the overall resource consent. It's important to take the landscape design through all the stages e.g. Concept /preliminary plan through to a final landscape proposal.

If you are bound by a by law to submit a plan for resource consent you will also be required to implement the garden in accordance with the plan. You will more than likely be monitored to ensure you have complied with the plan, so it is very important to follow an approved sequence and avoid wasting time and incurring added costs.

Simply fill out our online enquiry form or call us on Ph: 03 356 2828 to have a chat to discuss things further.

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